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Mirror Glow

Boho Yin Yang Wall Mirror

Boho Yin Yang Wall Mirror

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This tai chi mirror is a delicate and chic Chinese style ornament, which has a good meaning in Chinese traditional culture. Put it in your home, can bring you and your family peace, and great luck. You deserve to have one. Easy to be hung and place, decorative and beautiful.

1.Symbolizes prosperity and joy of family, which usually be used as the home auspicious ornament and bring you good fortune.
2.It can also drive away bad luck and bring you good fortune, good decorative effect
3.In Chinese culture, this decor is used to suppress freaks, and were taken away from evil. So this is a symbol of good meaning.
4.Durable and easy to care for. You can put it in your room to make your living room more attractive.
5.Can drive away evil spirits and store luck, perfect for the family home decor.

Package Includes: 1 x tai chi mirror

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Alvena Quigley

Très Jolie prodarit

Ismael O'Keefe

The delivery is fast. Packaging is a regular bag, even surprisingly, nothing is scratched or damaged! There was a protective film on the glass. However, a bluish spot is visible on the wooden part of the product-and this is a minus. Alas.